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Loving the Lord

I came across this post on lumius's blog. It tells a lot about how God cares for us.

However, how many of us show that we appreciate the care, or even acknowledge it? I know that if you show appreciation for a favour, you get more of such.

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Managing the Logistics Process

There are quite a number of logisticss service companies offering best practice distribution and supply chain solutions that provide users with a competitive advantage, improved customer service, and increased efficiencies. They promise engineered solutions built around process improvements, materials handling automation, controls, and

and performance management software.

I have yet to meet a company with all these attributes in Nigeria. There may be. However, in reality, most LSPs (Logistics Service Provider) only specialise in one or two areas.  The larger firms offer to take over the entire process from pick-up to delivery thereby passing gains in one process to offset losses in another.

The concept of an LSP that manages all the phases involved in the logistics chain while outsourcing the actual tasks may be just around the corner and i suspect such service may already be provided but by smaller firms.

 This way, one can utilise the particular expertise of one company in task A, with the efficiency of another for task B.  The company using this method can then focuson managing the entire process and providing a best of breed aggregation of services. 

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The Manager

I was given that the manager is a person who handles complexity.

In my opinion, one of the key attributes of a manager must be the ability to break up such comlexities into simpler and easier to manage tasks, and to assign these tasks in such a way as to achieve objectives.

This way, devoting to a job need not be all comsuming. The better manager can find time to to engage in more than one pursuit.

You generally perform better when you enjoy your job, and you enjoy your job when you manage it well.

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