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I love my ericsson K700i it has served me well. But i started seeing reasons to change it for awhile now, but could not quite make up my mind and the K750 was not much different. I always liked the P series, but i found excuses not to buy one. Now there is one phone that makes my heart beat faster.

No, I am not really a sony ericsson person, it’s just that when i want to change my phone, the most capable phone around is a sony ericsson. I have two Nokia phones and I need to change one of them too. But I can only afford one at a time. so for now, the P990i is it as soon as I can push myself to fork out the cash for it.

You should see the feature list.

I guess I am not alone in this thought. This excerpt below says it all.

“The Sony Ericsson P990 is a formidable device in terms of hardware and software specifications, and certainly an improvement over the P910. However, we feel that this is a handset that should have shipped in Q1 2005, not Q1 2006, and this long lead time has meant that HTC has carved out significant market share in this sector. On the plus side, there is no other Symbian smartphone that comes close to this, although we do prefer the wide screen of the Nokia 9300 and 9500 devices to the “tall” screen on the P990 and similar handsets. And although the Nokia 9300 and 9500 are capable devices, they’re nowhere near the specification of the Sony Ericsson P990. Perhaps Nokia have something up their sleeves – a Nokia 9700 or 9800 maybe?”

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