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The Kingdom defines kingdom as follows:

1. a state or government having a king or queen as its head.
2. anything conceived as constituting a realm or sphere of independent action or control: the kingdom of thought.
3. a realm or province of nature, esp. one of the three broad divisions of natural objects: the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms.
4. Biology. a taxonomic category of the highest rank, grouping together all forms of life having certain fundamental characteristics in common: in the five-kingdom classification scheme adopted by many biologists, separate kingdoms are assigned to animals (Animalia), plants (Plantae), fungi (Fungi), protozoa and eucaryotic algae (Protista), and bacteria and blue-green algae (Monera).
5. the spiritual sovereignty of God or Christ.
6. the domain over which the spiritual sovereignty of God or Christ extends, whether in heaven or on earth.

The Bible says: seek ye first the kingdom… (Matthew 6:33)

What are the benefits of the Kingdom of God?
The Kingdom protects and provides for it’s citizens.
How does one enter the Kingdom?
Just as the best way for one to become a citizen of America, England, Germany France or where ever, is to be born there, the best way to become a mamber of Gods Kingdom is to be Born Again

To know more about the kingdom, one should look at the government, rights of the citizenry, the domain, how the kingdom protects, etcetera, there are

A Host of sites dedicated to the Kingdom:
The Word of righteousness
The Kingdom A Reward
Born Again Info
If you know of any other significant site, please leave your comment.

The OnlineBible
Bible Gateway

Seek ye first the kingdom of God

Seek ye first the kingdom of God,
and his righteousness,
and all these things shall be added unto you;
allelu-, alleluia:
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Google! Google!! Google!!!

Don’t mind me. I’m just excited.

I just read the news on yahoo!

I think Google has just scored another coup with it’s new release and I am wondering when their innovation will end. There is seemingly no end to their creativity, or their ability to make a deal.

Just when you think the newspapers have knocked them off their archives, they find another way to get their search into the news.

Kudos to the Google juggernaut.

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