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Nigerian Scam

Someone sent me the following link to see a scammer caught on abc News.

As a Nigerian, I find it disgusting that a lot of Nigerians are into this act especially as it paints the whole country in a bad hue. Still a vast majority of our political class is corrupt.

In my view, most people have not been educated as to how to detect scam. I put the blame on governments worldwide. if your citizens are victims then you should educate them so that more would not fall into the same trap. As it is, more and more Americans still fall into this trap and that is a failure of the American government. The same goes for all other countries with significant victims.

Personally I think it is hilarious how educated people in this day and age still believe in get rich quick schemes.

Maybe if the victims are incarcerated and shown on public television internationally, we can get people to understand better what they stand to loose. Maybe even turn them into a reality show.

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Discover Music Online

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