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End of quarter

Its the end of the first quarter and its time for a major review.

Some of us made resolutions and others not quite. Whichever your case, it is time to ask your selves questions.
Is the year going as planned ( or for those who made no plans; is it time to make one)
Do we need to make plans, make adjustments to plans or can we continue coasting?
So many issues to address or did your initial plans cover the basis?
Do you need additional revenue or is it time for more investments?
Do you know where your children are or is it time to make some? (If not children, any other resources or inventory)
Do you have a score card? Is it balanced?
What about budgets? Or can’t you afford them yet?
Can you handle new projects or do you need them? (New projects)
Did you pay attention to your health yet? Your family or perhaps your soul?
Are you right with God or what the hell?

As I mentioned earlier so many issues to address!

Happy end of quarter!!

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