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Akpors was doing his maths homework & saying:
2+5, the son of a bitch is 7.
3+6, the son of a bitch is 9…
His Mom: What are you doing?
Akpors: I’m doing maths homework.
Mom : This is how your teacher taught you?
Akpors : Yes
Infuriated, Mom asked the teacher the next day –
‘What are you teaching my son in maths?’
Teacher : Right now, we are learning addition.
Mom : Your teaching them to say 2+2, the Son of a
bitch is 4?
Teacher after laughing : What I taught them was,
2+2, The Sum of Which is 4

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Akpos failed law & decided to make a deal with the professor.
Sir, do u know everything about law?
Prof: Yes
Akpos; if u can answer this question,i will accept my final marks. If you can’t, you have to give me ‘A”. The professor agreed.
Akpos asked, ‘What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal & neither legal nor logical?
The prof thought about it for hours & pondered… but found no answer.
He had to finally give up as he really did not know, so he gave Akpos his ‘A’.
The following day, professor asked same question to his students.
He was shocked when all of them raised their hands.
He asked one student the same question.
He answered: sir, you’re 65, married to 28 year old, this is legal but not logical.
Your wife, is having an affair with a 23 year old boy. This is logical but not legal.
Your wife’s boyfriend has failed his exam & yet u have given him an ‘A’. It’s neither logical nor legal!

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