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Thoughts on Fellaini

I think enough’s been said already. See below!

With that being said, Lingard was not out worst player today. To me it has to be Fellaini. His entrance pretty much ended the game for us.

Team was still maintaining its shape despite being goaless till our ‘philosopher’ decided to remove Bastian for Fellaini. Strange.

Bringing Fellaini on and then playing the long ball into him isn’t the problem. The problem is he is absolutely sh*t.

The game got progressively worse once Fellaini came on. Before that we were creating more chances and playing more fluid football.

Fellaini being a professional footballer is proof that anybody in the world can achieve anything.

How do u replace Bastian with fellaini???? It’s even illegal in Fifa 16

can’t control the ball,can’t chest the ball,can’t dribble, can’t give a good pass,and always fouls.Why do we keep him for? .

I was under the impression that LVG was a tactical genius, smashing long balls to is not my idea of imaginative tactics.

We need to sell Fellaini and not because he is a terrible player but because he makes us play terrible football. We are Utd not Stoke.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - Posted by | OpenZone

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