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Has anyone compared 360 to other social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Ecademy, OpenBC. There are more social networking tools if you will have the time to search them out.

What about blogging? there are also myriad tools for blogging. You may even host it on your own site, or any of the many blogging sites. Some of them are owned by the Internet giants  such as google’s blogger, msn has spaces, yahoo’s 360 and then you have  wordpress  which is exactly in the same leagus as the foregoing.

I have used all of them in some capacity though I do not have the time to update them regularly. You can see my blogs on blogger, 360, spaces, wordpress. They are all to serve different purposes and I plan to update each regularly at least twicw a week from now on.

These sites actually fall into two categories as i have noticed: Yahoo and msn are buuilding communities which allow you to link with your friends from your blogs, wordpress and blogger are just basic diaries.

Spaces seems more complex because of the heavy use of graphics but is actualy not. You can have more fun with it if you have the time for it.

360 looks basic, but is almost as capable as it’s msn counterpart. It’s simple interface allows you to focus more on writing, but does allow more flexiblity than the other two.

One of the strengths of blogger is in google’s adsense marketing ploy. With adsense, you can turn your blogspot to a revenue generating tool. I also set up some of their links on my blogspot. (Please visit and click, download as you will. I’ll make some coins from it I hope)

My first major write was for wordpress. I love the templates ans the way you can get to host it on your own domain (blogger does this as well, but the templates are not as fun to look at from my perspective). they offer other tools as well to improve the performance of your blog. I still love it, but I have to re position the class of content I intend to publish on it.

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